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With FiberSmart, we’re transforming manual tasks with robots, unlocking the hidden economic potential within data centers and networks.


What our clients are saying"

"We have created a shared environment to increase utilization of high dollar value CAPEX equipment."
- Microsoft
"Each ROME saves us $500,000 per year and allows us to perform more tasks with fewer headcount."
- Juniper Networks
"We have been able to access our data center resources remotely throughout the pandemic lockdown period."
"With an aging population in Japan, automation is the solution to respond to service demand and disaster recovery requirements."
- NTTGroup
"We were able to provision a customer circuit during our travel outside of the country in a coffee shop."
- Mox
"We are an early adopter of ROME's predecessor, and we have now added the ROME 500 in our new facility."
- Fujitsu

Optical Fiber is in Every Industry

Optical fiber has countless uses in various industries. FiberSmart aims to bring

automation to businesses, thus making tasks easier and more efficient.

ROME is in Hyperscale Data Centers

Hyperscale data centers are massive and must be agile and support scaling up or down and dynamic changes in the hardware network connections. The Hyperscale network must be able to mix and match and reallocate on the fly. This type of a network must utilize modularity, automation and real-time analytics, especially as we enter the AI Era.

With FiberSmart’s comprehensive solution, the network is optimized, organized, automated and analyzed to enable real-time software-controlled connectivity. Agility at its finest.

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ROME is in Military Applications

Mission critical applications in today’s military operations rely on a crucial communication infrastructure. And the network in the battlefield must be invulnerable to outages and have an instantaneous response time in all situations. Optical fiber is a fundamental component of the infrastructure that supports 24/7 uptime for our military forces, whose lives are often at risk and who may be put in danger if their supporting network is inadequate.

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ROME is in Data Centers

Keeping data centers secure means minimizing human touch. Manual steps can leave openings for trouble. For data center owners, the Meet-Me-Room should be all about accurately connecting in real-time, not handling with costly onsite hands.

We’re locking down this vital operation, making it remote, safe and scalable.

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ROME is in the Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise networks with a critical IT infrastructure require a zero-touch configuration, which can be accomplished through automation. Rome utilizes a robotic hand instead of an onsite smart hand, providing software-controlled connectivity of critical enterprise resources. It enhances visibility and security and enables admins to access their critical infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

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Sports and Entertainment Venues

Stadiums and Entertainment venues are normally equipped with state of the art broadcasting systems, high end video streaming and network intensive applications. Combine this with the ever evolving virtual gaming realm and virtual reality applications and it means there is a critical need to have a robust, automated and dynamic network supporting all of these. Rome brings robotic automation to each of these network infrastructures and is the way to meet the needs of our evolving AI era.

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ROME is Connecting to the Edge

With 5G and IoT powering billions of devices, smaller data centers are popping up everywhere. Lightning-fast optical fibers are making it all possible in record time.

We’re introducing autonomous operations and robotic service management to make it even smoother!

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ROME is in the Train and Subway Systems

Public transit systems demand an optical fiber network for infrastructure and also for consistent, robust and dynamic connectivity for their passengers whose businesses are run on their high end mobile applications. Ultimately, in an industrial environment, such as in a subway or a train system,  response time and network reliability are critical and effect not only how a city runs but directly impact human lives.

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ROME is in Broadcasting

Super sharp videos like 4K, 8K, and more need lots of bandwidth. Getting videos out fast requires networks that react quickly.

FiberSmart makes networks smarter and easier to scale and provision.

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ROME is in Technology Testing Centers

Imagine a testing center that’s ready whenever you need it, wherever you are. With technology advancing fast, your testing grounds should keep pace and be available at the touch of a button.

And you should know what critical testing resources are available and be able to allocate or connect device ports as project needs require. All of this is possible with Rome.

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Less Stress
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More Work by Robots
Work Remote
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Work Remote On-Site (Robots)
More Network
Better Visibility and Higher Agility
More Business Intelligence
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Wondering how to automate, not why?

It’s all about boosting efficiency, security, and agility. With FiberSmart, we make

transitioning to automation smooth and simple for your business.

Transforming Industries
with FiberSmart

Explore how FiberSmart’s technology and solutions are driving digital transformation across various industries.

Rome in Action

Use Cases

Edge Data Centers

Fast growing data centers at the edge supporting 5G and IoT with connectivity and compute near the users and providing sub 1 milli-second latency...

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Mission Critical Infrastructure

No matter if it's a power plant or an airport, communication failures will cause a large business and personal impact...

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Security - Zero Touch & Zero Trust

When it comes to networks and data center security, zero touch is a must. An autonomous environment creates full audit trails and removes human elements...

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Telecom: Reducing OPEX and Increasing Service Agility

Our global telecommunications networks are being revolutionized, and it's all about service agility while reducing operational expenditures...

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Smart Cities, Smart Campuses & Smart Buildings

It's all about connectivity when it comes to cities, campuses and buildings being smart...

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Data Center Meet-Me-Room (MMR)

Internet cloud services are enabled via physical cross connections for peering and bandwidth provisioning. As a data center operator, the most critical operation is to connect the customers in this centralized environment...

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Sports and Entertainment Venues

4K and 8K broadcasting and VR applications around sports and entertainment events require low latency and high bandwidth and frequent re-configuration...

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Automating Optical Fiber Testing

Optical fiber deployment and installation require large scale testing operations where automation brings significant economic benefits...

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