ROME OS is Powering

ROME Mini Series

ROME Mini is a space-saving 7RU rack-mountable system, housing 200 fibers alongside a logical control unit (LCU) and patch panel interface.

With ROME Mini, you get peace of mind with redundant power supplies, compatible with both AC and DC inputs.

Plus, it supports both single-mode and multi-mode fibers for your convenience.


ROME 500 Series

ROME 500 is a space-saving 10+1 RU rack-mountable system, equipped with 512 fibers and a modular logical control unit (LCU) and patch panel interface.

With hot-swappable power supply modules, ROME 500 ensures uninterrupted operation with support for both AC and DC inputs.

ou can count on ROME 500 to support both single-mode and multi-mode fibers for your diverse needs.


ROME Q Series

With ROME Q series, you have options: a single chassis for 64Q or double for 128Q. These systems support parallel optical connections using MPO interfaces for QSFP devices, making setup a breeze.

Plus, you can customize your setup with hybrid MPO and LC patch panel interfaces, all easily configurable with our software.



With ROME MAX series, you get full rack-size scalability, accommodating up to 2000 fibers in a single bay or thousands of fibers across multiple racks within the same setup.

Our system features a universal patch panel interface across all sub-system chassis, paired with ROME OS Smart CLOS technology for seamless interconnections.


Your Network's Smart Foundation: Meet ROME

ROME is a super flexible robotic system that helps create dynamic fiber networks. These robots

aren’t just for manual tasks—they’re powered by software to handle complex jobs.

At FiberSmart, we offer free design services to help you upgrade to the latest

operations and applications. Let’s build smarter networks together!

Durable for Decades

3 Million Cycles

Our ROME robots are built to last based on their connections and disconnections. With a lifespan of 3 million cycles, they’re here to work tirelessly for decades.

Always Reliable

Autonomous Operations

Our autonomous system can handle any situation without needing human help. ROME is tough enough for anything.

From earthquakes to power outages, ROME can sense and work through it all, keeping things running smoothly.

Robotic Precision

Optimal Performance

Our robots ensure flawless optical fiber connections by moving precisely, using smart latching, applying just the right force, and sensing intelligently. You can count on top-quality connections every time!

Technology with the Utmost Sophistication

1um Robotic Accuracy

Our servo control and encoder technology for the precision motion system inside ROME are performing in high fidelity.

Low Power Consumption

With power consumption of 50 to 150 Watts between standby and peak motion, ROME is energy efficient as a light bulb.

Matrix - It's Real!

Within a ROME, space is designed and structured into tens of thousands of individual spaces for connections.

Passive Latching Connection

A connection is mechanically latched in place without relying on electronics. Optical circuit will continue carrying services during power failures.

Optical Fidelity

Optical performance to meet or exceed the industry standards in a consistent basis is the ultimate goal ROME delivers.

Sensors and Sensing

Robotic autonomy depends on sensing of positions and outside environmental conditions. ROME has many built-in sensors.

Solving Tough Challenges Over Time

Others, including NTT, saw the need for fiber robotics. This is their

early generation robotic platform, a true Rome predecessor.

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