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FiberSmart in the News

NTT-AT launches small version device "ROME mini" for small and medium-sized network environment
... data centers and network development laboratories, the optical wiring switching robot "ROME" that enables remote work is attracting increasing attention.
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ROME Mini Expands Autonomous Network with Robots
Layer-0 Automation Enables Edge Data Centers and Access Networks, Answers Call for Size, Power Efficiencies.
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NTT Advanced Technology Corporation Has signed an exclusive sales contract in Japan.
As the population declines, it is expected that automation using optical wiring robots will contribute to improving labor productivity.
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ROME MAX, ROME MAX-T robotic cross-connects for large data centers
ROME MAX will support 1600 fibers and the ROME MAX-T 2000 fibers. The racks are particularly useful in Clos architectures, says the company.
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Using robotics to increase automation in optical networks
Robotic switches have been developed that can configure and reconfigure connections in seconds rather than days or weeks.
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Is there no space for humans?
People will always have a role to play. Indeed, we expect their role to become even more valuable as technology continues to advance.
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Wave2Wave announces two new robotic fibre switches with MPO interfaces
The two new products provide direct Multiple-Fibre Push-On/Pull-off (MPO) patch panel interfaces, incorporating eight fibre any-to-any connections
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The final frontier
Automation can enable physical fibre connections to be made remotely and quickly.
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Enhancing next-gen PON technologies with robotic optical switching
The question now becomes: how can we ensure XGS-PON and NG-PON2 deployments are properly managed to deliver the best performance with minimal cost?
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IT Security in the “Hands” of Robots?
Security issues for IT managers are a primary concern. And the fact is, humans make mistakes. This is inevitable. But when it comes to IT security, these mistakes can be disastrous.
Full Article
Wave2Wave Launches Next Generation ROME Robotic Optical Switches
ROME 500, 1000 and 2000 robotic optical switching solutions enable full control of physical fibre connections
Full Article
Robots, AI will run data centers
The robot manages the cable connections, plucking components mechanically, almost like an old-school telecommunications switchboard
Full Article
Are robots the cure for IT security ills?
The number and sophistication of attacks from both internal and external sources continues to grow, making IT security and risk mitigation full time jobs.
Full Article
Look Mom: No Hands! Robotic Data Center Switch Automates Physical Connections
Silicon Valley company refuses to accept physical connections as the limit of network automation
Full Article
Robotics rule the data center with new optical switches
The United States company says East-West data center traffic is growing ‘at an incredible pace that manual data center management practices cannot support’.
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The Revolution of Connectivity
The digital age has seen numerous iterations and innovations in IT infrastructure. But as we venture deeper into this era, the demand for efficient and error-free cabling systems grows exponentially. Enter Cabling 3.0 – the next evolution in structured cabling solutions. Here’s a breakdown of its transformative benefits: Key Benefits of Cabling 3.0: Cabling 3.0… View Article
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Navigating the Future of AI & Robotics
In the vast expanse of technological evolution, few moments have been as pivotal as the fusion of AI and robotics. At Wave2Wave Solution Corp, we understood early on that while cables were the backbone, the future lay in intelligent automation. When we introduced robotics to tackle the cable conundrum, it was groundbreaking. But the true… View Article
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Automation and Utilization in an AI Era
Data centers are taking all forms and can now be found in locations all around the world. Managing the remote critical connections and costly assets out there becomes increasingly important as more and more latency-sensitive and AI applications are developed.Within this ever expanding AI world the infrastructure and physical connectivity systems for these data centers… View Article
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