Automation and Utilization in an AI Era

Automation and Utilization in an AI Era

Data centers are taking all forms and can now be found in locations all around the world. Managing the remote critical connections and costly assets out there becomes increasingly important as more and more latency-sensitive and AI applications are developed.
Within this ever expanding AI world the infrastructure and physical connectivity systems for these data centers will need to evolve and enable intelligent adaptability. Firstly, AI will bring additional demands for compute to support the higher level processing demands of these new applications. Secondly, AI within the infrastructure system will require that the resources and assets within that system are controlled via software from a cloud standpoint.
It also becomes increasingly more difficult to stay on top of what is happening at these isolated edge locations. What is connected to what, where are the devices located within each setup and what critical assets are being utilized?
With FiberSmart’s Rome robotic fiber switch, these critical fiber connections and expensive resources can be accessed and configured from any location via a software management system. Through the Rome you can also access analytics that will tell you which circuits are being utilized, who is connected to what and the utilization trends during particular periods of time.

FiberSmart also provides an overlaying comprehensive zero touch solution that begins with the DC Twin management platform. It creates a digital twin or a 3D rendering of the data center that resides in the cloud for each of these locations. This digital mimic enables visibility from a 3D high level view of the overall layout down to the port level details for each device.
Similar to AI, FiberSmart’s cloud based solution injects intelligence into the infrastructure. Work orders can be created from activities within each location. Reports can be generated that provide detailed analytics of the device utilization down to the port level. And fiber connectivity can be software controlled via robotic automation.
Our goal is all about maximizing the investment that our customers and prospects have. We want to leverage the work that has been done, with diagrams, spreadsheets and pictures to create a digital footprint of each data center location. One interface to manage them all.
Our world is becoming more and more virtualized and software-based. Why not the physical infrastructure? No more unnecessary truck rolls and expensive onsite visits to the growing number of remote data center locations. It’s all on the cloud and at your fingertips with FiberSmart’s multi-faceted and intelligent solution. For more information visit

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